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Get ready for a New Experience! We've swicthed from SELA to CELA VOGUE: Your Ultimate Destination for Fashion and Beauty. Let's dive into the fabulous

Welcome To SELA

SELA brings you access to a wide array of the best products at competitive prices from local and international brands and businesses across the UAE. We aim to be your preferred online shopping destination for fast and efficient products. We offer a wide array of baby products, toys, handmade products, baby fashion, girl’s fashion, boy’s fashion, men fashion, women fashion, mobile, smartphones, tv, beauty, laptops, tablets, and lots more. We bring to you everything you’ve always desired – fast delivery, easy payments, and low-cost returns. Have a look around and enjoy hassle-free online shopping at it’s finest.

About SELA

We started Sela to be a friendly and secure online marketplace for people to enjoy shopping for the best quality and authentic products at the right prices and when they are needed. Our goal is to create a perfect community and home to exceptional items to meet a wide assortment of needs. It’s our purpose to make shopping fun and pleasant for everyone because quality service is our watchword. Our platform connects valued sellers and brand owners to millions of buyers looking for a seamless experience. From a thoughtful selection of products to fast and secure payments, credit options return packages to prompt delivery, Sela aims to be entirely different.

Our Promise

We make it our mission to make our customers happy. That’s why we promise to be:
Unique: Regardless of the channels you choose, website, apps, or even phone service, we will always strive to deliver an extraordinary experience.
Authentic: We are thoughtful and careful about the products in our marketplace platform because we aim to satisfy your desires on every front.
Supportive: We inspire, motivate and ignite powerful brands because we are local
Timely: We strive to deliver on time to your location anywhere in UAE.

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